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Print Media

A Transformation

Before computers and internet, it used to be that all business advertising was done either by paper or by word of mouth. But slowly a transformation has taken place. With so many people using either smartphones or laptops, paper advertising has been decreasing. Similarly, in the world of reading, e-books are becoming progressively more popular. There are many bonuses to having reading materials on the screen rather than on the page, however there are also many problems.

Paperless Problems

There are many issues with choosing electronic advertising over print media but one of the biggest ones is simply that not everyone can use a smartphone or even a computer. Some people have no interest in learning how to use modern technology and prefer to keep things simple. If all your company has is online advertising and information then you know that there is one group of customers that you may have a lot of trouble reaching out to.

The Upsides of Print

One of the upsides of having print media for customers to interact with is that it looks very professional and it is also universally effective. Even if your readership is too young to read all the information, they will be able to quickly see the images and know what they want. Another upside of printing information for customers to see is that it makes the customer feel more connected to the company. Printed materials can be individually sent to a customer and this has a very different effect from sending an email. Most advertising emails get deleted without a second glance but a magazine or a brochure is more likely to get glanced through and even kept for viewing again later.

The Traditional Method

Printing may seem behind the times to some people but using the traditional method can still make a huge difference. At Century Publishing they use modern technology to deliver the traditional method with the just the professional touch needed to impress your customers. Show your customers that you care by making them more than just one more contact for the email list. Use Century Publishing for all your print media needs.