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Pre-flight Checklist

In order to ensure successful output of the files you send us we suggest that you use this preflight checklist before creating your PDFs for submission.

Although we run a preflight check when we receive your files, by conducting your own preflight check before submission you can avoid delays associated with common layout problems.

Below you will find a simple but effective checklist for file submission. Please verify all items on the following list for all of your pages prior to creating your high resolution PDFs.

  1. Are your pages built to the proper trim size?
  2. Have you converted all your colors from RGB to CMYK?
  3. Have all bleeds been set correctly?
  4. Are your images 300 dpi resolution at the size they will be used?
  5. Is black text using only black (not registration black or any CMYK build)?
  6. Are your files named properly?
  7. Do you have a Century PDF export preset for your design program?