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Bleed Short

What it means: Any photo, background or other graphic which is intended to extend to the very edge of the final printed page is considered a bleed. Any bleed element should extend 1/8″ beyond the final trim size of the magazine. Century Publishing will flag any items that appear to have been intended to bleed, but fall short of bleeding a full 1/8″ beyond the trim.

Problems caused: Due to normal variations throughout the printing and binding process, any elements intended to bleed, but falling short of 1/8″ bleed, may end up with the bleed element(s) not extending to the edge of the final printed page as intended. This could result in a white gap at the edge of the page where the element does not bleed properly.

How to fix: Extend the problem element until it extends 1/8″ beyond the edge of the page. In the case of an image, you may be able to just extend the picture box to 1/8″ beyond the edge of the page, or you may have to also adjust the sizing of the image within the image box.