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PDF Specifications

Please follow these instructions when creating your high resolution PDFs:

  • Proof your pages prior to PDF creation.
  • Preflight check your pages prior to PDF creation (see Preflight Checklist).
  • Use only alphanumeric characters without spaces in PDF file names.
  • Use correct Century Publishing PDF preset or settings when exporting PDFs (see PDF Export Settings Guide for details on Exporting Quark and InDesign files).
  • Single page PDFs are preferred.
    • Current versions of QuarkXPress have a checkbox in the PDF export settings that will create single page PDFs from a multiple page layout.
    • InDesign users can search for the free “Page Exporter Utility” that allows batch creation of single page PDFs from a multiple page layout.
    • Adobe Acrobat can be used to split a multiple page PDF into single page PDFs.
    • Single page PDFs should be named with a 3 digit page number at the beginning of the file name (example: 001_MagazineName.pdf).

If you prefer to submit a multiple page PDF, please CONTACT US for further information and precautions.