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Knockout Brochures with Commercial Printing

Designing the perfect brochure for your enterprise is a huge marketing asset. Using a professional commercial printer will ensure your perfect design is brought to life and doesn’t turn into a liability.

When designing a brochure take account the amount of information you need to convey and remember that short and simple is always preferable. Also consider limitations or costs in postage and shipping on the marketing budget before printing your creative design.

Paper Size

Most brochures are created from some folding arrangement of a single sheet of paper. There are several standard paper sizes commonly used: basic letter (8.5”x11”) and legal (8.5”x 14”) as well as tabloid sizes (11”x 17” and 11”x 25.5”). These common paper sizes are used by any commercial printer and will offer reliable output. Heavy bond, glossy papers create a dramatic effect in stunning quality.


Images grab a reader’s attention right away, but use only the highest resolution images and highest quality graphics for print production. Assemble your content early in the process as it will help guide your overall design choices.

When it comes to text, concentrate on grabby headlines and keep the writing clean and simple. Don’t be afraid of white space, it is visually appealing to break up text into smaller blocks and avoid overloading the eye.

Finish and Fold

When designing for print, the designer takes into account the folding style of the brochure. When the page is printed, content is placed so that when folded, the content is visible in the correct panel. There are several folding styles that are common a basic bi-fold will mean the page is folded in two like a booklet and creates 4 panels where printing will show. The classic trifold has six panels with the front slightly larger and the back panels folded to the inside. These simple designs are universally recognized. Work with your printer to get the exact specifications for your design template and printable area.

Some other folds that are familiar industry standards include the accordion or z-fold- similar to the trifold but with the back panel folded out instead of in, the double parallel and the gate fold. Imagine your ideal customer finding your brochure and how it should make an impression. The dedicated team at Century Publishing can help you decide what the best finished design will be.

Don’t forget delivery

The brochure of your dreams rolls off the press, it’s beautifully folded and ready to go. Choose a team that will get it out the door for you. From poly bagging and bulk mail service to batch drop shipping, you want a team that will make getting your brochures straight to the people waiting for them as easy as the printing process in the right hands.

Your Print Team

The experts at your printing company should feel like partners in your project. The right team to work with is the one that makes the process seamless and easy while producing amazing results for you.