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Why Unfold a Map?

With so many people investing in smartphones and computers it begs the question, are paper maps becoming obsolete? But the answer is clear. No, they are not. When it comes to traveling somewhere you have never been, going long distances, or providing directions to large groups or teams, physical maps are still very necessary. Even people who have computers and smartphones often print their maps off the internet. It seems clear that even though map applications and online maps are a useful tool, physical maps are still important in today’s world.

Going the Distance

One of the most important functions that traditional maps play is the traveling companion. If you are out on road trip and find yourself lost in untamed forest or unpopulated desert a smartphone is unlikely to be of any use. Unpopulated or wild areas often expand far beyond cell service, rendering most smartphones useless. This is why having a physical map is handy. Even if you are out of the city and lost in the woods, a regular map can help you find your way back to the main road.

Always Ready

Even if you are traveling through an urban area with cell service, a physical map is still important. If you are driving down highways at high speeds it is important to know where you are going and which turns to take. But even newer smartphones can take minutes to load maps, which is time you do not always have when an exit on the freeway is coming up soon and you aren’t sure if it is the one you need to take.

Getting Everyone There

One of the most important functions for physical maps is assisting large groups to reach a set destination. Not everyone has smartphones so smaller maps are essential when it comes to helping large groups come together in the same place. They make sure everyone is on the same page and traveling on the same highlighted route, not getting creative and different directions from different map applications on their phones.

Find Your Way

If you want something reliable, something that details a park, a campus, or even a building, a good old fashion map is the way to go. And when it comes to a publisher who can provide you with those maps, Century Publishing is the clear choice. Century Publishing can help with just about any kind of printing job you can think of. They provide a variety of services and their fantastic team can get the job done efficiently and with a dedication to excellence and accuracy. If you are looking for someone to get maps printed for you or your company, find your way to Century Publishing. Contact us them today and their customer help center can answer all your commercial printing questions.