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What You Should Look For in a Commercial Printing Company

When it’s time for your business to move out of the neighborhood print shop and upgrade to commercial printing, the choices can be daunting. Finding the right commercial printing company will make or break your project. Choosing the wrong company to work with can set you back in time and money and still produce amateur results for your marketing efforts.

The right printer, on the other hand, can take ownership of your project from start to finish and walk you through the process to superior results. But, how do you find the right printer among so many that want your business?

It’s all about the process

Find a printer that can tell you all about their printing process. You want to work with a team that can explain what to expect and that educates their customers about how commercial printing can work for them. Any printing company that can’t clearly inform you about the printing process should be considered suspect.

Project Ownership

A stellar commercial printer takes ownership of projects from start to finish. The more work that is done in house, rather than being shipped out to a third party vendor, the more ownership the print house will have over the project and the less problems you are likely to have with miscommunications.

Workflow Management

Your printer should have clear specifications for files that are easy to follow and understand. Managing the printing process needs to be as simple as possible. The more that can be handled online, the better, including the proof process.

The Right Details

Bringing your printing project to life doesn’t begin or stop with the printing alone. As much as clients need front end support, the details before delivery are just as important. Finishing your project requires binding, folding, trimming and possibly even bulk mailing services. The more that these services are handled by your printer, the more control they have over it.

Superior Service

From start to finish, working with real professionals, like the experts at Century Publishing, is a whole different experience. The team at Century is committed to making sure you love working with them. They handle every detail of your project and do the heavy lifting for you. Your project from beginning to end will be in the hands of a team you can trust to deliver above the bar, exceptional service. Contact your professional commercial printing team at Century Publishing, they can’t wait to hear from you.