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Finding the Right Printing Service for your Company

There are three things that should determine what kind of printing service you need for your project: The size of the print run, the detail and quality of the images desired, and the finishing details such as binding and fulfillment. When you weigh your options against what you are looking for, finding the right printer should be much easier.

What’s In a Print

Consider your expected distribution and what the final product should look like, how it should feel in the hand. Real-estate brochures want sharp beautiful photographs, trade publications attract the respect of the industry with professional finishing, and the small publishing house can add physical distribution channels; all with the help of the right printing company and professional team.

With the help of an all-digital interface for uploading files and proof acceptance, your team at Century Publishing makes printing decisions easy.

Types of Printing

The type of printing your project should use is largely determined by the number of printed copies you are receiving. For a larger run, say over 10,000 imprints or copies, the preferred choice is web off-set printing with an entire roll of paper fed through the press at a time. Heat-set web press, in which the ink is dried using heat, is ideal for high volume print runs. The use of UV coatings and high gloss paper allows superior image quality.

Because the ink is dried during the printing process, this is also a much faster production turnaround for high volume from start to finish.

Cold-set web press is a similar process, but because the ink is not force dried, and instead allowed to air dry and absorb into the paper, it does not allow the use of high gloss papers. Correspondingly, this print style has a lower image quality. Set up costs is typically lower making it more attractive for limited print runs, but may not work well when high resolution images are desired.

For smaller print runs, when only a thousand or so imprints are desired, but image quality must remain high, a more attractive option is sheet feed printing. Using this method, the paper is cut to size beforehand and fed into the press one sheet at a time. This allows the use of high gloss paper and coatings unlike cold-set. This method loses some time on the printing and drying but makes up for it with its higher image quality.

Century Publishing is an industry leader in the North West with four color heat-set web printing technology and six color sheet feed capabilities. Let their team of experts help plan the right print run for your next project.

Finishing Options

Everything from trim and coating to the stitching and binding, requires the same attention to detail. The in-house finishing department at Century Publishing fulfills every order with exceptional service. Bulk mailing service helps speed delivery to just where the finished product is needed. For truly stunning magazine printing, the professionals at Century Publishing are the leaders in printing companies in Spokane.