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Catalog Print Design

Putting Together a Catalog That Works

Know Your Product

One of the most important things needed to put together a catalog is a good knowledge of the company products being advertised. Since most catalogs are large and give prices as well as information on the items offered, it is essential that the products be correctly priced and that the information fits the piece shown. Even small mistakes could lead to confusion and complaints which take up company time and anger customers. Know your products and check them to be absolutely certain that your catalog will only advertise the products you want shown with the prices deemed appropriate.

Organization is Key

Since most catalogs are large and lengthy, good organization can make all the difference to how well the products advertised sell. Putting the most popular and most engaging products in the front will help to get customers interested. If electronics are selling well, try putting them close to the front. But less attractive or important items should be placed near the back. Simple, necessary products are better placed in the back. This way they are still there but they don’t detract from the overall interest of the catalog by making it seem boring.

Understanding Customers

It is important to understand customers and how they think. For instance, an important group of customers who are often overlooked when it comes to magazines and catalogs is small children. Displaying products that are appealing to children is a distinct advantage to any catalog because parents have a way of giving children what they want. If a child really wants something there is a good chance that they will find a way to get it.


Having a front page that catches the eye can have an enormous impact. A font page can be the point of decision for whether or not a possible customer chooses to look through your catalog. The front page needs to have products and prices that really peak a customer’s interest. Items that sell well (either because of their price or their desirability) are the items that should be displayed in variety on your front page.

A Reliable Service

After taking these things into consideration it is time to choose a publisher who will print your catalog with accuracy and speed. Since you don’t want typos or mistakes you need a company that is reliable and offers excellent customer service. Century Publishing is that company. With reasonable prices and outstanding quality they will help you get your catalogs printed flawlessly and quickly.