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When Printing a Magazine

The Alluring Magazine Cover Strikes Again

Magazines, brochures, trade publications, catalogs, they all share something in common: the front page. No matter what kind of advertising you do, one thing is for certain. You will always need a good front page. Many people will tell you that first impressions can have very far reaching effects and the truth is that they are right. But people aren’t the only ones who make first impressions. The first impression we get of a book or a magazine can be the deciding factor for whether or not we read it.

Catch the Eye

It is important to make a good impression with your front page and the easiest way to do that is to catch a reader’s eye. There are many factors that play a part in this. Whether the front page is colorful, whether it is intriguing, whether it is bright and upbeat or cold and discouraging are all things to consider. Just the way the front page is put together can make a significant the difference. It is important to grab the attention of customers at just the first glance, so getting a good graphic designer is crucial. Quality photographers can also make an enormous difference in the first impression your materials make.

Something Extraordinary

The front page of every magazine should be something extraordinary, something that makes you pause and pick it up. The one thing you never want is for your piece to look exactly like everything else. No matter what kind of material you use in your advertising, try to always make it something unique that will intrigue your readers. The front page is what the reader sees first so that is what they need to remember.

Quality Work

It is important that whatever materials you need printed be excellent work that will stand apart from other catalogs and brochures. Century Publishing can provide all the services you need and can meet the standards you expect. You want your advertising to speak to your customers and Century Publishing would like to help. Century Publishing is the one-stop-shop for all your printing needs. Contact us today to get started on your printing project.

Magazine Printers

Strategy & Strength – Building a Magazine 

Having a Strategy

When it comes to putting together a magazine design it is always important to have a strong strategy. Consider what you want for your magazine and how you picture it as a finished product. Think through your materials and designs before talking to a publisher. Know your field and customers so that when your product is finished you will have a strong base of interest.

The Readers

The first thing to think about when putting together a published work is your readers. Always market your product to the people that you know will be interested. If your magazine subject is home improvement, don’t worry very much about trying to market to college students who live in dorm rooms. Focus on people who are actually home owners and try to get them interested. Create pages that highlight home improvement and really show what you have to offer.

The Writers

Understanding your writers is a crucial part of having a successful magazine. Images and cover designs may capture initial interest but your readers will only have long term interest if your content is just as strong as your images. Focus on playing to the strengths of the writers and finding pictures that capture the ideas they are writing about. The visual aid will help to keep your readers engaged and interested for the long haul and not just for one or two pages.

The Designer

We know about the readers and the writers but when we think about magazine the first thing that comes to mind is probably a shiny, colorful front page. Having a good designer will make all the difference in the world. A talented designer understands both the readers, the writers, and the editors. They know how to work with you to create a cover that captures the attention of passers-by and seizes the thread of attention.

The Publisher

Once you have filled your magazine with quality writing and superior images that will suit your readership, it is time to take your vision to a publisher. Making your vision reality can sometimes be a difficult process. Dealing with publishers, finding people you can trust and a company who offers expert service can seem impossible. But Century Publishing believes this shouldn’t be the case. Century Publishing offers the services you need with all the help and care you deserve. They print more than 300 titles a year and with one of the largest heat-set web magazine printers in the Northwest they can get your magazine done quickly and done well.