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How Real Estate Agents Use Magazine Printing to Stand Out

Today’s real estate market is a tight place where any edge can be the difference to closing a sale or not. Many prestigious brokers are looking for new ways to give themselves that edge. One marketing avenue that can make a real-estate office stand out is publishing a magazine. Making your agency into a well-known brand in your local market means not only having your name seen but establishing your agency as the experts.

Go for the local angle

Leaders and experts in the market are immersed in the local flavor. Demonstrate this in a local interest, limited distribution magazine. This can be a great way to highlight popular neighborhoods and nearby attractions. You can showcase the talented agents that make your agency unique and offer informative and entertaining seasonal articles for homeowners and prospective buyers. This sort of high standard production will set any real-estate brokerage head and shoulders above competitors. This publication offers value to the reader with insider tips about local neighborhoods and hot trends while putting the agency front and center.

In any market hot neighborhoods can be hotter, and great but overlooked areas can be reinvigorated with a well-placed article in a glossy branded magazine print. Place these articles next to nearby listings compete with high quality images and floor plans and pique interest further. Updated quarterly, this can be a powerful tool for opening up new markets and building a buzz for the real-estate office that can demonstrate they know the area.

Meet and greet

Real-estate is a people oriented field. Let potential house sellers and house hunters know the people to work with by introducing your top agents in a commercially printed high fashion magazine. Your talented agents have the connections and the dedication to take your business to the top. Give them the recognition they deserve and the publicity boost between the pages of your agency’s magazine.

Fads and trends

Fill the pages with decorating tips and household hacks for moving and more. Some of the articles can be placed as marketing for vendors and services in the local area creating stronger business ties with the local community while potentially defraying some of the costs. These local businesses that cater to a similar clientele can be invaluable as a point of distribution as well.

A seasonal or quarterly publication schedule will capture new trends and keep listings and content fresh and build a reputable reach with your marketing efforts. The key to making a real-estate magazine work as part of your agency’s marketing strategy is in the printing. The right printing services team can make sure that your final product is the eye catching high quality magazine that gets noticed.

Get the printing right

Find a commercial printer that can handle small or large magazine print runs with professional finishing and attention to detail to deliver a superior magazine. The prestige of marketing with a branded magazine publication will reap high rewards.

Creating Quality Real Estate Publications

Considering Your Publicaton Options

When it comes to real estate publications there are many different options that can be considered. But first it is better to think over the purpose for the piece you would like printed. Calendars, catalogs, business cards, and brochures are all great options, each serving its own individual purpose. It is important to decide what your goals and expectations are for the items you want printed because even an item as simple as a brochure can play a crucial role in winning a client’s business.

First Impressions

As a real estate agency, the way you sell your product is special and requires unique attention. A customers needs to be more than just happy with their new place; they need to love it. The power of photography is never more clearly demonstrated than in the real estate business where a picture can make an enormous first impression. Suppose your customer is looking at buying an estate in a different part of the country. You need to be able to show them an image that creates a stunning effect. And when it comes to homes it is more than just the front door that your clients will be looking at before coming to the open house. A client likes to see every angle, every room, and all the highlights that make this one particular house the perfect place for them.

Everything Special

When a customer is flipping through a brochure or a catalog, it is essential that they never feel disconnected or unsure. Buying a house, or even just the land to build on, is an enormous decision for most people. A customer needs to understand that when they are reading through your catalog they are seeing all the important features: what makes the master bedroom special or what makes the kitchen unique or what the view from the living room windows looks like. Every detail that is important that shows off all the attractive elements of the house ought to be included in any brochure, magazine, or catalog.

Excellence in Simplicity

Even though it is important for clients to know about the estates they are considering, it is never a good idea to overwhelm them with a load of unnecessary details. When taking pictures or writing summaries, it is essential to keep only the details that are important and interesting.


At Century Publishing there is a belief in simple excellence. Century publishing wants to offer you the service you need to get your real estate publications printed without complications or difficulties. You don’t want to overwhelm your customers or give them trouble that could be avoided and Century Publishing feels the same way for you. They want to give your tasks all the professional care and consideration needed to get the job done well.