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What is Your Book Printing Company Doing for You?

When you take your book to print, you want to make sure that you are getting a professional team that understands your vision and is able to make it a reality. Your book is a product that is very dear to you, and one that you hope to sell to critical acclaim.

In order to do that successfully, you need a fantastic finished product at a price point that will give you the highest profit margin possible. Offset Web Press commercial printing is going to deliver the highest quality trade paperbacks with perfect binding at the lowest cost per unit possible when printing bulk orders.

Types of Printing

Offset Web is the fastest way to complete larger print run orders of 500 units or more.  This printing method uses paper on rolls and inked plates to create the printed sheets. The paper is trimmed and bound in the finishing process. The speed and quality of four color heat-set printing makes this method ideal for creating trade paperbacks with the highest production quality.

Digital short-run printing may be an attractive option for small orders of less than 100 books such as producing galleys and ARCs, but in the long run is a more costly printing method. Running a digital printer requires the same energy usage and overhead cost for one copy or two dozen so there is no way to reduce production costs.

In offset printing, on the other hand, the initial costs is in setting up the plates. Once the printing is running, it is relatively inexpensive to keep the press running and turning out copies. By printing larger quantities at once, set up costs are averaged out per book. This allows the small publishing house to distribute their own print editions with a very attractive profit margin.

Binding and Cover

The perfect binding method used for most trade paperbacks is made when groups of pages, called signatures are glued to the cardstock cover with a flexible adhesive. Perfect bindings are inexpensive and durable, but still create a high quality appearance even for books with a high page count.

The type of stock you choose depends on what you want in a finished product. Coated stock will be glossier and allow for much sharper images because the coating keeps the ink from seeping into the paper.

Uncoated cover stock has a softer, matte finish and will have a fuzzier quality to the design as the ink absorbs into the paper. Both styles of cover stock make excellent covers depending on what you want the finished book to look like, but coating will add some weight to the cover which will effect binding and the printing process.

Get expert help to make these decisions. A knowledgeable team of professionals can guide you to the right options for your project to make sure the final product is the most attractive book with the best possible cost per unit.

3 Questions to Ask to Find the Right Printer for Your Project

There are many commercial printing companies vying for your business. Deciding which printer to go with can feel overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be armed with a bit of knowledge to help you weigh your options.


One of the first things to consider when contacting commercial printers is if they listen to you. The right business is one that gets your ideas and listens to understand your vision. If a printer seems too busy to give you their full attention when they are trying to win your business, will they change once the order has been placed? Choose the professional team that works start to finish to make your vision a reality.


Understanding just a little about commercial printing will help you determine is a printer is capable of delivering what you need. There are two main types of commercial printing you are likely to run into.

  • Web Offset Press

Web offset press uses paper fed on continuous rolls and then the pages are cut and trimmed in the finishing process. Most often this web press is heat-set which means that the ink is dried quickly using heat during the printing process. Because the ink dries so quickly it is possible to print much faster and use high gloss papers with crisp clear images.

The advantages of Heat-set Web Press is the speed and high quality images, but the set up costs for a print run are higher. If running a large print job, this set up cost averages to very little per unit but for smaller print runs it can add quite a bit to the bottom line.

  • Sheet-fed Press

Sheet-fed printing is a good alternative to heat-set for smaller print jobs. With this option paper is fed one precut sheet at a time. This method is slower and the ink requires time to dry, but it still allows the use of the high-gloss papers. The image quality is comparable to heat-set but the set up costs is typically lower making it a good option for smaller print runs.

If you require more than a couple thousand imprints (or copies) you want to ask your printing team about heat-set printing and make sure they are qualified. If you want only a couple thousand or less, sheet-fed printing might be the option you want to explore.


Finally, ask about the finishing details. Do you need Perfect Binding of the kind that is used for magazines and paperback books or will you need saddle stitching or plastic bindings? If your print shop can’t deliver that final detail with the same professionalism, you need a new printer. Also decide how you want your printed product delivered. If you have a mailing list of qualified leads, it is not necessary to have your printing shipped to you when your commercial printer offers bulk mail service as well. Let professionals package and ship your final print product to your recipients.

Answer these three areas for yourself when you start talking to printers, and narrow the field quickly to only the most professional and capable commercial printers.

Magazine Printing Can Transform Your Catalogue

As your business grows and matures, it’s time for your catalogue to mature, as well. Magazine printing with full color images and perfect binding is the next step for when your catalogue needs a makeover.

Update your Catalogue

Transform your dated catalogue with the use of high gloss papers. Glossy color copies grabs a reader’s attention. The image quality with high gloss paper is much better than uncoated. Magazine printing will make the images in your catalogue come to life and truly grab your customer’s attention.

The sharp image quality of high tech magazine printing and professional binding say quality to your customers. The quality of your catalogue speaks to the quality your business puts into its products. Your audience will equate your products with the high quality perceived in your marketing material. The psychology behind the materials that go into a catalogue is no accident, the high quality design and production sets great catalogues in a category of their own.

Sell the Lifestyle

Catalogue design is an art form that seeks to sell a lifestyle, a feeling, an image. A catalogue should reinforce that brand image. Get professional images and highlight the products and how they are part of the lifestyle that the brand is selling. Craft a story around that lifestyle that fits in the messaging of the brand.

Design your catalogue around your most important products and be sure to give them more space. Another design tip is to put images of important products near the edges of the pages to attract more attention. Designing in blocks of 16 pages is advantageous when using heat-set web printing. Don’t forget to leave room for a content page, company information and ordering instructions. If you find you have open pages, fill that with the story of your brand that will highlight that lifestyle you are selling.

Marketing Power Tools

The catalogue is an important marketing tool for any business that sells multiple products. It allows customers that may have never set foot in your store to browse your wares to shop and order your merchandise. Creating a catalogue of your products in a very attractive magazine format that speaks of high quality production will set your brand’s tone even from a distance. A skilled printer can make your designs stand out with a product catalogue that gets you noticed and ship direct to your mailing list with digital work-load management and expert help throughout the printing and fulfillment process.

Power of the Printer

Selecting the right printer to partner with will make all the difference in the end result. Having the technical capabilities is only the first concern. The team of experts that handles your project from start to finish providing detailed advice and personally tackling any problems that might come up is the kind of service that will make you love where you print.

How to Shop for Printing Services

With so many printing services to choose from, finding the right printer to handle your project can seem like a daunting task. Understanding the products available and your own needs can make you a more knowledgeable shopper when the time comes to order printing for your business.

Know where the printing gets done

Does your printing service do its printing in house or are they using a third party printer themselves? This can be vitally important when issues arise, and with more middlemen in the equation problems are easy to come by.

A well outfitted commercial printer will have heat-set web printing capabilities and or six color sheet-feed printing. Heat-set web printing is ideal for larger print runs. Paper is fed through the printer on rolls and the ink is heat dried during the process. This makes large prints runs faster, and uses the high gloss paper that delivers crisp intense images. Sheet-fed printing is slower, paper is cut into sheets beforehand and the ink must be allowed to dry, but for smaller print runs it works very well. It allows for the use of high gloss papers but with set up requirements more reasonable for smaller print runs.

What kind of printing you need

The style of printing your job requires depends largely on how many copies or imprints you are ordering. Large print runs need the speed of web press and the ink drying feature of heat-set printing. Because the ink is dried during the printing process, it allows the printer to use glossy papers and capture crisp sharp images without sacrificing for drying time.

The drawback of web-offset printing like heat-set is more intensive set up that may add to the cost of smaller print runs. In this case, sheet feed printing is a good option (shop printing services). In sheet feed printing, paper trimmed into sheets is fed through the printer. This method takes less set up which helps keep costs lower, and allows for high gloss papers and crisp images but drying may add to the processing time. Overall, the savings is worth it on a smaller print run.

Finish it Right

Trim and binding are the next essential piece of the puzzle. When this is done in-house, and with the oversight of professionals that know your needs, you can expect better quality control. Look for ownership of the project from start to finish under the same roof. Magazine style perfect binding and UV coatings add special touches to your project.

Mailings and Fulfillment

Once your project is complete, you need to get it in the right hands. A full service commercial printer can offer a range of fulfillment options for direct mailing lists and drop shipping. The professionals on your team at the commercial printers can advise you on delivery options and costs.

Finding the right printer for your next project doesn’t have to be confusing. Understanding what you need will go a long way to making the right choice for your business.

Creating Quality Real Estate Publications

Considering Your Publicaton Options

When it comes to real estate publications there are many different options that can be considered. But first it is better to think over the purpose for the piece you would like printed. Calendars, catalogs, business cards, and brochures are all great options, each serving its own individual purpose. It is important to decide what your goals and expectations are for the items you want printed because even an item as simple as a brochure can play a crucial role in winning a client’s business.

First Impressions

As a real estate agency, the way you sell your product is special and requires unique attention. A customers needs to be more than just happy with their new place; they need to love it. The power of photography is never more clearly demonstrated than in the real estate business where a picture can make an enormous first impression. Suppose your customer is looking at buying an estate in a different part of the country. You need to be able to show them an image that creates a stunning effect. And when it comes to homes it is more than just the front door that your clients will be looking at before coming to the open house. A client likes to see every angle, every room, and all the highlights that make this one particular house the perfect place for them.

Everything Special

When a customer is flipping through a brochure or a catalog, it is essential that they never feel disconnected or unsure. Buying a house, or even just the land to build on, is an enormous decision for most people. A customer needs to understand that when they are reading through your catalog they are seeing all the important features: what makes the master bedroom special or what makes the kitchen unique or what the view from the living room windows looks like. Every detail that is important that shows off all the attractive elements of the house ought to be included in any brochure, magazine, or catalog.

Excellence in Simplicity

Even though it is important for clients to know about the estates they are considering, it is never a good idea to overwhelm them with a load of unnecessary details. When taking pictures or writing summaries, it is essential to keep only the details that are important and interesting.


At Century Publishing there is a belief in simple excellence. Century publishing wants to offer you the service you need to get your real estate publications printed without complications or difficulties. You don’t want to overwhelm your customers or give them trouble that could be avoided and Century Publishing feels the same way for you. They want to give your tasks all the professional care and consideration needed to get the job done well.

Calendar Printing

Successful Advertising – Professionally Printed Calendars

Why Calendars?

Even though calendars may not be the first thought that comes to mind when we think about advertising for businesses, they are by no means unimportant or useless. Calendars can be used effectively in many ways, both as advertising tools and marks of appreciation. However, if constructed incorrectly they may end up simply as wasted time and resources. Only well-made calendars that catch the eye are going to end up hanging on your customer’s wall and not in a recycling bin.

Picture Association

One of the most important things to think about when creating a calendar is the picture association factor. We tend to associate pictures and images in our minds with certain months and seasons. A calendar needs to be made so that the pictures fit the typical idea of what the calendar month looks like. If the picture doesn’t fit or isn’t a quality photograph the consumer won’t think twice about just throwing the calendar away.

A Colorful Thank-You

Calendars are often used as a thank-you for long-time or higher priority customers. This tactic can be a good one because it serves a double purpose. First, it serves the purpose of showing that the company cares about the customer. Second, it serves as an advertising agent for those who visit the home of the customer and see the calendar. This means that the company is not only advertising, they are advertising to people who are likely to fit the profile for future customers.

Someone to Count On

Customers count on business to remember and care about them. Printing calendars are an excellent way to show that your company values their business and haven’t forgotten them. At Century Publishing, they care just as much about giving you the service and care you deserve as you do for the customers that choose your company. Century Publishing understands that even the little jobs are important so if you have a need, don’t hesitate. Show your customers that you care by having Century Publishing make these simple signs of appreciation for them. It will enhance your reputation for customer service and also play a useful role in your advertising strategy.

Advertising Options

Choosing the Advertising Option that Fits Your Business Best

Start Planning

When it comes to advertising your business, the publishing and print world offers many options. While this variety is by no means a bad thing, it does bring up some questions that any business should consider before choosing an approach to advertising via paper. Does the business need catalogs, flyers, or pamphlets? Or perhaps it can consider utilizing all three methods. These are important questions because they can affect both the size and choice of materials. But the first and most obvious step to take before considering options is finding a need.

The Need

What the customer needs has always been the million dollar question. But when it comes to advertising it is more like the hundred million dollar question. Answering a need is one of the most important functions for any business. Demand is a fundamental pivot point in virtually all business planning. How much supply you need, how much advertising you should have, how much staff your company needs to employ… demand touches nearly every aspect of a business.

Choosing a Method

Once the need is identified the next step is to select a method of advertising. If your customers need a way to see a complete list of your products, it is better to choose an option like catalogs rather than pamphlets or flyers. On the other hand if your company is having a sale and you need to attract a crowd, flyers might be a good option. It is also good to consider multiple needs and plan ahead to deal with potential demand. Choosing several methods and placing larger orders can often help save time and trouble later on when demand increases.

Getting the Job Done

When it comes to getting the job you want a company that will be fast and effective. You want someone who can get your commercial printing done so you can reach your customers as soon as possible. Century Publishing can help. With a variety of services they can take care of almost any order for a price you can afford. Why deal with publishers who take their time over a job you need done now? Choose a company you can rely on and go with Century Publishing.