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How Real Estate Agents Use Magazine Printing to Stand Out

Today’s real estate market is a tight place where any edge can be the difference to closing a sale or not. Many prestigious brokers are looking for new ways to give themselves that edge. One marketing avenue that can make a real-estate office stand out is publishing a magazine. Making your agency into a well-known brand in your local market means not only having your name seen but establishing your agency as the experts.

Go for the local angle

Leaders and experts in the market are immersed in the local flavor. Demonstrate this in a local interest, limited distribution magazine. This can be a great way to highlight popular neighborhoods and nearby attractions. You can showcase the talented agents that make your agency unique and offer informative and entertaining seasonal articles for homeowners and prospective buyers. This sort of high standard production will set any real-estate brokerage head and shoulders above competitors. This publication offers value to the reader with insider tips about local neighborhoods and hot trends while putting the agency front and center.

In any market hot neighborhoods can be hotter, and great but overlooked areas can be reinvigorated with a well-placed article in a glossy branded magazine print. Place these articles next to nearby listings compete with high quality images and floor plans and pique interest further. Updated quarterly, this can be a powerful tool for opening up new markets and building a buzz for the real-estate office that can demonstrate they know the area.

Meet and greet

Real-estate is a people oriented field. Let potential house sellers and house hunters know the people to work with by introducing your top agents in a commercially printed high fashion magazine. Your talented agents have the connections and the dedication to take your business to the top. Give them the recognition they deserve and the publicity boost between the pages of your agency’s magazine.

Fads and trends

Fill the pages with decorating tips and household hacks for moving and more. Some of the articles can be placed as marketing for vendors and services in the local area creating stronger business ties with the local community while potentially defraying some of the costs. These local businesses that cater to a similar clientele can be invaluable as a point of distribution as well.

A seasonal or quarterly publication schedule will capture new trends and keep listings and content fresh and build a reputable reach with your marketing efforts. The key to making a real-estate magazine work as part of your agency’s marketing strategy is in the printing. The right printing services team can make sure that your final product is the eye catching high quality magazine that gets noticed.

Get the printing right

Find a commercial printer that can handle small or large magazine print runs with professional finishing and attention to detail to deliver a superior magazine. The prestige of marketing with a branded magazine publication will reap high rewards.

Using Printed Brochures for Effectively Straightforward Advertising

A Million Uses

When it comes to providing customers with information, showing your company’s strength, or increasing general awareness, there is no substitute for the ordinary brochure. A brochure is useful for a million things. It can serve as an advertising tool or a product list, or a book that answers questions, or a colorful display of options. No matter what your needs may be it is always wise to consider using a simple set of brochures to get the job done.

Mix and Match

One of the greatest things about brochures is that they offer a mix and match set of options. If you want to advertise products but also talk about the company story, a brochure can do that. Mixing the right amount of information with the perfect quantity of price tags can be just the spark needed to catch the customer’s interest.

What Convenience Can Do

A few of the drawbacks to magazines and catalogs is that they are difficult to keep in good condition and inconvenient to carry around. If someone wants to look through a list of products from your favorite company while they are waiting at a doctor’s office or having a tire changed, they don’t want to have to drag around a 200 page catalog. One of the great things about brochures is that they are small and convenient, and they can be carried easily in a pocket or a purse.

Keep It Simple

When it comes to brochures you do not want to drive away potential customers by brandishing heavy information at them. Brochures are simple tools that are meant to spark simple interest. The first step in getting any product sold is creating interest. How can your customers be interested if they find themselves staring at a brochure that is full of page-long paragraphs about how every aspect of a product is made? Keeping it simple helps keep your customer’s attention firmly fixed on your brochure.

Knowledge and Experience

Even though brochures are small and simple, it is important that they be made right. Close attention and careful inspection is always important for ensuring quality. At Century Publishing quality is one of the highest aims. Century Publishing believes that every job is important and deserves real care and attention. If you are looking to have your brochures printed by a company that believes in doing every job right then contact Century Publishing today.

Creating Quality Real Estate Publications

Considering Your Publicaton Options

When it comes to real estate publications there are many different options that can be considered. But first it is better to think over the purpose for the piece you would like printed. Calendars, catalogs, business cards, and brochures are all great options, each serving its own individual purpose. It is important to decide what your goals and expectations are for the items you want printed because even an item as simple as a brochure can play a crucial role in winning a client’s business.

First Impressions

As a real estate agency, the way you sell your product is special and requires unique attention. A customers needs to be more than just happy with their new place; they need to love it. The power of photography is never more clearly demonstrated than in the real estate business where a picture can make an enormous first impression. Suppose your customer is looking at buying an estate in a different part of the country. You need to be able to show them an image that creates a stunning effect. And when it comes to homes it is more than just the front door that your clients will be looking at before coming to the open house. A client likes to see every angle, every room, and all the highlights that make this one particular house the perfect place for them.

Everything Special

When a customer is flipping through a brochure or a catalog, it is essential that they never feel disconnected or unsure. Buying a house, or even just the land to build on, is an enormous decision for most people. A customer needs to understand that when they are reading through your catalog they are seeing all the important features: what makes the master bedroom special or what makes the kitchen unique or what the view from the living room windows looks like. Every detail that is important that shows off all the attractive elements of the house ought to be included in any brochure, magazine, or catalog.

Excellence in Simplicity

Even though it is important for clients to know about the estates they are considering, it is never a good idea to overwhelm them with a load of unnecessary details. When taking pictures or writing summaries, it is essential to keep only the details that are important and interesting.


At Century Publishing there is a belief in simple excellence. Century publishing wants to offer you the service you need to get your real estate publications printed without complications or difficulties. You don’t want to overwhelm your customers or give them trouble that could be avoided and Century Publishing feels the same way for you. They want to give your tasks all the professional care and consideration needed to get the job done well.

Quality Printed Maps

Why Unfold a Map?

With so many people investing in smartphones and computers it begs the question, are paper maps becoming obsolete? But the answer is clear. No, they are not. When it comes to traveling somewhere you have never been, going long distances, or providing directions to large groups or teams, physical maps are still very necessary. Even people who have computers and smartphones often print their maps off the internet. It seems clear that even though map applications and online maps are a useful tool, physical maps are still important in today’s world.

Going the Distance

One of the most important functions that traditional maps play is the traveling companion. If you are out on road trip and find yourself lost in untamed forest or unpopulated desert a smartphone is unlikely to be of any use. Unpopulated or wild areas often expand far beyond cell service, rendering most smartphones useless. This is why having a physical map is handy. Even if you are out of the city and lost in the woods, a regular map can help you find your way back to the main road.

Always Ready

Even if you are traveling through an urban area with cell service, a physical map is still important. If you are driving down highways at high speeds it is important to know where you are going and which turns to take. But even newer smartphones can take minutes to load maps, which is time you do not always have when an exit on the freeway is coming up soon and you aren’t sure if it is the one you need to take.

Getting Everyone There

One of the most important functions for physical maps is assisting large groups to reach a set destination. Not everyone has smartphones so smaller maps are essential when it comes to helping large groups come together in the same place. They make sure everyone is on the same page and traveling on the same highlighted route, not getting creative and different directions from different map applications on their phones.

Find Your Way

If you want something reliable, something that details a park, a campus, or even a building, a good old fashion map is the way to go. And when it comes to a publisher who can provide you with those maps, Century Publishing is the clear choice. Century Publishing can help with just about any kind of printing job you can think of. They provide a variety of services and their fantastic team can get the job done efficiently and with a dedication to excellence and accuracy. If you are looking for someone to get maps printed for you or your company, find your way to Century Publishing. Contact us them today and their customer help center can answer all your commercial printing questions.

Print Media

A Transformation

Before computers and internet, it used to be that all business advertising was done either by paper or by word of mouth. But slowly a transformation has taken place. With so many people using either smartphones or laptops, paper advertising has been decreasing. Similarly, in the world of reading, e-books are becoming progressively more popular. There are many bonuses to having reading materials on the screen rather than on the page, however there are also many problems.

Paperless Problems

There are many issues with choosing electronic advertising over print media but one of the biggest ones is simply that not everyone can use a smartphone or even a computer. Some people have no interest in learning how to use modern technology and prefer to keep things simple. If all your company has is online advertising and information then you know that there is one group of customers that you may have a lot of trouble reaching out to.

The Upsides of Print

One of the upsides of having print media for customers to interact with is that it looks very professional and it is also universally effective. Even if your readership is too young to read all the information, they will be able to quickly see the images and know what they want. Another upside of printing information for customers to see is that it makes the customer feel more connected to the company. Printed materials can be individually sent to a customer and this has a very different effect from sending an email. Most advertising emails get deleted without a second glance but a magazine or a brochure is more likely to get glanced through and even kept for viewing again later.

The Traditional Method

Printing may seem behind the times to some people but using the traditional method can still make a huge difference. At Century Publishing they use modern technology to deliver the traditional method with the just the professional touch needed to impress your customers. Show your customers that you care by making them more than just one more contact for the email list. Use Century Publishing for all your print media needs.

When Printing a Magazine

The Alluring Magazine Cover Strikes Again

Magazines, brochures, trade publications, catalogs, they all share something in common: the front page. No matter what kind of advertising you do, one thing is for certain. You will always need a good front page. Many people will tell you that first impressions can have very far reaching effects and the truth is that they are right. But people aren’t the only ones who make first impressions. The first impression we get of a book or a magazine can be the deciding factor for whether or not we read it.

Catch the Eye

It is important to make a good impression with your front page and the easiest way to do that is to catch a reader’s eye. There are many factors that play a part in this. Whether the front page is colorful, whether it is intriguing, whether it is bright and upbeat or cold and discouraging are all things to consider. Just the way the front page is put together can make a significant the difference. It is important to grab the attention of customers at just the first glance, so getting a good graphic designer is crucial. Quality photographers can also make an enormous difference in the first impression your materials make.

Something Extraordinary

The front page of every magazine should be something extraordinary, something that makes you pause and pick it up. The one thing you never want is for your piece to look exactly like everything else. No matter what kind of material you use in your advertising, try to always make it something unique that will intrigue your readers. The front page is what the reader sees first so that is what they need to remember.

Quality Work

It is important that whatever materials you need printed be excellent work that will stand apart from other catalogs and brochures. Century Publishing can provide all the services you need and can meet the standards you expect. You want your advertising to speak to your customers and Century Publishing would like to help. Century Publishing is the one-stop-shop for all your printing needs. Contact us today to get started on your printing project.

Calendar Printing

Successful Advertising – Professionally Printed Calendars

Why Calendars?

Even though calendars may not be the first thought that comes to mind when we think about advertising for businesses, they are by no means unimportant or useless. Calendars can be used effectively in many ways, both as advertising tools and marks of appreciation. However, if constructed incorrectly they may end up simply as wasted time and resources. Only well-made calendars that catch the eye are going to end up hanging on your customer’s wall and not in a recycling bin.

Picture Association

One of the most important things to think about when creating a calendar is the picture association factor. We tend to associate pictures and images in our minds with certain months and seasons. A calendar needs to be made so that the pictures fit the typical idea of what the calendar month looks like. If the picture doesn’t fit or isn’t a quality photograph the consumer won’t think twice about just throwing the calendar away.

A Colorful Thank-You

Calendars are often used as a thank-you for long-time or higher priority customers. This tactic can be a good one because it serves a double purpose. First, it serves the purpose of showing that the company cares about the customer. Second, it serves as an advertising agent for those who visit the home of the customer and see the calendar. This means that the company is not only advertising, they are advertising to people who are likely to fit the profile for future customers.

Someone to Count On

Customers count on business to remember and care about them. Printing calendars are an excellent way to show that your company values their business and haven’t forgotten them. At Century Publishing, they care just as much about giving you the service and care you deserve as you do for the customers that choose your company. Century Publishing understands that even the little jobs are important so if you have a need, don’t hesitate. Show your customers that you care by having Century Publishing make these simple signs of appreciation for them. It will enhance your reputation for customer service and also play a useful role in your advertising strategy.

Magazine Printers

Strategy & Strength – Building a Magazine 

Having a Strategy

When it comes to putting together a magazine design it is always important to have a strong strategy. Consider what you want for your magazine and how you picture it as a finished product. Think through your materials and designs before talking to a publisher. Know your field and customers so that when your product is finished you will have a strong base of interest.

The Readers

The first thing to think about when putting together a published work is your readers. Always market your product to the people that you know will be interested. If your magazine subject is home improvement, don’t worry very much about trying to market to college students who live in dorm rooms. Focus on people who are actually home owners and try to get them interested. Create pages that highlight home improvement and really show what you have to offer.

The Writers

Understanding your writers is a crucial part of having a successful magazine. Images and cover designs may capture initial interest but your readers will only have long term interest if your content is just as strong as your images. Focus on playing to the strengths of the writers and finding pictures that capture the ideas they are writing about. The visual aid will help to keep your readers engaged and interested for the long haul and not just for one or two pages.

The Designer

We know about the readers and the writers but when we think about magazine the first thing that comes to mind is probably a shiny, colorful front page. Having a good designer will make all the difference in the world. A talented designer understands both the readers, the writers, and the editors. They know how to work with you to create a cover that captures the attention of passers-by and seizes the thread of attention.

The Publisher

Once you have filled your magazine with quality writing and superior images that will suit your readership, it is time to take your vision to a publisher. Making your vision reality can sometimes be a difficult process. Dealing with publishers, finding people you can trust and a company who offers expert service can seem impossible. But Century Publishing believes this shouldn’t be the case. Century Publishing offers the services you need with all the help and care you deserve. They print more than 300 titles a year and with one of the largest heat-set web magazine printers in the Northwest they can get your magazine done quickly and done well.

Catalog Print Design

Putting Together a Catalog That Works

Know Your Product

One of the most important things needed to put together a catalog is a good knowledge of the company products being advertised. Since most catalogs are large and give prices as well as information on the items offered, it is essential that the products be correctly priced and that the information fits the piece shown. Even small mistakes could lead to confusion and complaints which take up company time and anger customers. Know your products and check them to be absolutely certain that your catalog will only advertise the products you want shown with the prices deemed appropriate.

Organization is Key

Since most catalogs are large and lengthy, good organization can make all the difference to how well the products advertised sell. Putting the most popular and most engaging products in the front will help to get customers interested. If electronics are selling well, try putting them close to the front. But less attractive or important items should be placed near the back. Simple, necessary products are better placed in the back. This way they are still there but they don’t detract from the overall interest of the catalog by making it seem boring.

Understanding Customers

It is important to understand customers and how they think. For instance, an important group of customers who are often overlooked when it comes to magazines and catalogs is small children. Displaying products that are appealing to children is a distinct advantage to any catalog because parents have a way of giving children what they want. If a child really wants something there is a good chance that they will find a way to get it.


Having a front page that catches the eye can have an enormous impact. A font page can be the point of decision for whether or not a possible customer chooses to look through your catalog. The front page needs to have products and prices that really peak a customer’s interest. Items that sell well (either because of their price or their desirability) are the items that should be displayed in variety on your front page.

A Reliable Service

After taking these things into consideration it is time to choose a publisher who will print your catalog with accuracy and speed. Since you don’t want typos or mistakes you need a company that is reliable and offers excellent customer service. Century Publishing is that company. With reasonable prices and outstanding quality they will help you get your catalogs printed flawlessly and quickly.

Advertising Dilemmas

Dealing with Advertising Dilemmas and Needs

Knowing What Customers Want

When it comes to business, knowing what customers want is a huge factor. A company that understands and caters to the needs of their clients has a huge advantage over a company that doesn’t. The customer must always come first. But on the other hand, there is no way to be a company that focuses on every need of every potential customer. The crucial thing is to understand which needs ought to be met and what demands should be take highest priority.

Potential Dilemmas

Suppose a group of your customers would like to be able to see a listing of your products, but they don’t have time to go through hundreds of pages worth of items. Suppose another group of customers wanted to see your entire product line before they made a decision on what they wanted to buy. On one hand you have customers who would prefer something simple. But on the other hand you have customers who want to see every single service and product you have to offer. Two sets of customers who want entirely different things; which do you choose?

Important Needs

This scenario presents a problem that is easily solved. By simply creating brochures for one group and creating catalogs for the other group, you can kill two birds with one stone. But when it comes time to put in an order for your printed advertising materials always consider what needs are most important. If there is high demand for a material that can show every item and service your company offers, it is wiser to order magazines or catalogs. But if the larger customer base wants something simple that they can scan over a cup of coffee, look into a simple option like brochures.

A Company that Understands

A good company strives to understand their customers and to meet their needs. Century Publishing is a company that understands how important your customers are to you. That’s why they can help you get all your commercial printing and publishing done well. Century Publishing offers many services that can be exactly what your company needs to reach their customers.